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Stability, growth, and diversity.


Success, what is your definition?

Our clients receive our total commitment to ensuring that each interaction with CEDAR is designed to increase your organization’s capacity to achieve goals.  Working with and through our clients to determine needs, CEDAR helps to develop innovative solutions that meet the organization’s mission and vision.


Alaskans supporting the work of Alaskan Organizations

At CEDAR, our experienced consulting team has over 130 years of combined experience working with Alaskan organizations.  Serving primarily in the fields of education, organizational development, and tribal governance, our consultants have built reputations based on innovation, productive action, and quality. 


Consultants creating solutions for Alaskan organizations.

People are any organization’s greatest resource.  Developing capacity in people supports organizational growth.  Through positive interactions, supportive instruction, and inspirational teambuilding, CEDAR is able to help our clients to advance their teams to higher levels of productivity. See CEDAR MODEL.

CEDAR -- Consultants in Education Developing Alaskan Resources

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