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Recent Work

The consultants at CEDAR, LLC produce a variety of work for tribal and non-profit clients in Alaska.  Since 2015, we've offered a variety of services among those are the following:

2017   Authored an Alaska Native Education Program grant proposal for a tribal client.Won $984,000 for an early childhood education program in the communities.The program will provide culturally appropriate early childhood education as well as funding the development of a curriculum grounded in the local community’s lifeways.


2017   Authored an Indian Health Service Tribal Management Grant for a tribal client.Won $200,000 to implement the program.The goals of the program include tribal leadership training, policy and procedure redesign, and the development of a new staff evaluation system.


2017   Authored an Administration for Native Americans Social and Economic Development (Alaska) grant proposal for a tribal client.Won $398,000 to implement the program.The program includes entrepreneurship training for community members, tribal council training, and business plan development for the creation of new economic engines.


2017   Facilitated economic development planning sessions with tribal subsidiary.Authored a timeline and plan and provide continued support for implementation of the plan.


2017   Supported the facilitation and structure of a joint planning session of tribal councils.


2017   Substantially updating the policies and procedures of a tribal organization.This update includes 1) review and rewrite as appropriate, 2) transferring to online policy software product, and 3) developing tools to provide training on new policy and procedures.


2016  Authored a SAMHSA Suicide and Substance Abuse Prevention grant proposal for a tribal client. Won $1,000,000 to implement the program.CEDAR, LLC was subsequently hired to manage the grant and facilitate community development of a local prevention plan.

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