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CEDAR Model of Organizational Development

STEP #1: Client Centered Needs Assessment

Every organization has unique needs.  Before a project begins it is essential to determine what the current circumstance is, what has occurred in the past that created the current circumstance and what must be done to achieve the organizational vision.  CEDAR accomplishes needs assessment in a variety of ways...but mostly through clear communication with members of the organization.

CEDAR works with each organization to determine what programs or products will help the organization reach strategic goals.  Then, through product and/or program development CEDAR collaborates with members of the organization to design appropriate solutions.  These solutions may be new processes, grant proposals, policy & procedure, evaluation tools or various other options.

STEP #3: Training & Staff Development

Training and staff development are an essential element of organizational development.  When a needs assessment is conducted, it is important that key staff be involved in the process to truly understand the needs at every level of the organization.  Then, appropriate programs and products are developed with the help of key staff.  Next, all staff must be trained in the parts of the program relevant to their work.  CEDAR excels at staff development and training.  

STEP #4: 360 Degree Evaluation

Evaluation may be both formal and informal.  In order to know if programs, products or processes are effective we must continually evaluate and assess what is happening.  This is conducted through consistent communications, observation, instruments such as surveys, and interviews.  360 degree evaluation means that stakeholders from each level of the organization provide various forms of feedback to help CEDAR consultants to clarify what is working or not and to implement new strategies if necessary.

STEP #5: Supportive Follow Up

Often, when a project is complete, organizations need follow up supports to ensure the sustainability of a product or process.  CEDAR guarantees our work and is committed to quality follow up processes with each organization we work with.  Follow up may take place on site, by telephone or by audio-conference.  CEDAR uses cutting edge technologies to unsure access to our consultants.

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