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Meet the CEDAR, LLC consulting team!

With a combination of over 130 years of experience serving organizations in Alaska, the CEDAR, LLC team is able to creatively conceptualize solutions for the challenges that your organization faces.  We are ready to help you reach your strategic goals through inspiring your staff, supporting workflow, and enabling positive change.  We offer both the direct services of our core team and referral to a wide network of consulting professionals in Alaska.

Specializing in Strategic Planning
Camille Booth

A twenty year Alaskan educator and administrator, Camille Booth is an innovative leader with particular insight into strategic planning and organizational change.  Specializing in supporting clients to reach their strategic goals, Ms. Booth is adept at communications, technological applications, facilitation, and technical writing.


Specializing in Tribal Operations and Self Governance
John Brown

Coach, administrator, teacher...for over 30 years John Brown has served the community of Ketchikan with integrity.  Mr. Brown's experience in tribal governance includes self-governance, PL-638, expertise in program development and oversight.  Mr. Brown is passionate about the success of Alaskans.

Specializing in marketing, human development, and communications.
Pete Jensen

As a retired US Army Senior Non-Commisioned Officer, Pete Jensen embodies the best of what our armed forces represent.  He now utilizes skills gained as a recruiter to help organizations develop marketing programs, enliven human resource structures, and develop individuals within the organization.  Mr. Jensen's particular focus is customer and client service.

Susan Pickrell

A change agent in social service care, Sue's passion is programming for elders in our communities.  Sue has provided service to tribal communities for over twenty years after also serving as a law enforcement officer.  Sue has a unique perspective on community development and is able to support capacity building in organizations. 


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