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Strategic Planning at CEDAR
Management Consulting at CEDAR
Training and Seminars at CEDAR
Strategic Planning


CEDAR consultants are experienced in professional strategic planning facilitation, reporting, and implementation support.  Years of experience in managing complex organizations, participating in planning processes, and facilitating change management enables us to support your effort with a clear understanding of how to achieve a desired outcome.  In addition to providing professional services, we provide genuine understanding of the unique needs of Alaskan organizations.  We believe that Alaskans should support other Alaskans.  Our goal is to help your Alaskan organization move forward. 

Management Consulting


At various times in organizations, an external view is helpful.  It's a normal pattern for an orgnaization to dip into a temporary rut; finding the way out is the challenge.  CEDAR consultants can help get you moving in the right direction.  With experience in marketing, human resources, policy development, employee supervision, implementation of new processes, and IT, we can support organizational functioning.  Additionally, we also understand the complexity of hiring professionals to manage specific tasks while transitioning between employees.  CEDAR consultants are available to help you fill the gaps while in transition. 

Training and Seminars


Professional development is essential to keep your employees operating productively.  The rapid pace of change in technology, information, and business ensures that the only constant is CHANGE.  Trainings and seminars at CEDAR VTC will help support your efforts to ungrade employee skills and to ensure continuous improvement in your organization.  Our MODEL of Organizational Change supports you beyond the trainig session and helps you define your employees training needs and subsequently serve those needs.  We offer specially designed, engaging instruction that enables personal and professional growth.  

CEDAR Consulting Services

Consultants at CEDAR, LLC access a range of resources, skills, and abilities that enable clients to grow and develop.  Utilizing solid planning, evaluative methods, and current research & data, projects are completed on time and within budget.  CEDAR, LLC consultants are aware of trends, operate with "agile" as an ongoing expectation, and believe that integrity is the key to organizational relations.

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