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The consultants at CEDAR, LLC have worked with and/or contracted with a diverse array of organizations in Alaska beginning over thirty years ago.  Now, with over 130 years of combined experience in Alaska, consultants at CEDAR, LLC understand our great state and the unique needs of organizations operating within.  The CEDAR Team has had the privilege of supporting the work of many Alaskan organizations.  We are proud to have provided quality service in order to help grow both individuals and communities.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Alaska Native Organizations



Currently Indian Country in the US is experiencing powerful changes.  Reduced budgets, the expectations of self-governance, and upheavals in national Indian affairs all affect the ability of Alaskan Tribes to provide services for Tribal members.  Changing times also impact the ability of Alaska Native organizations to do business as they have done in the past. 


Consultants at CEDAR, LLC understand the challenges of working within federal regulations while working to meet strategic objectives in our Native communities.  CEDAR, LLC provides strategic planning facilitation that focuses on appropriate budgets, leveraging multiple sources of revenue, and creatively utilizing the assets in the organization and community to achieve strategic goals.


The needs of tribes and Alaska Native organizations are as diverse as the Great Land we reside upon.  CEDAR, LLC consultants understand diversity and are able to creatively imagine programs that have the potential to meet tribal goals in the long and short term.  Goals might include enhanced youth employment, accountable training & education programs, improved customer/client services, more effective interactions with political powers, higher levels of management expertise, and focused needs assessment.


CEDAR, LLC provides training to enhance the skills of tribal employees through workshops and seminars.  Each workshop and/or seminar focuses on skills needed to help move your organization toward high performance in Alaska.  We incorporate Alaskan awareness with Alaska Native cultural sensibilities to ensure that instruction is truly for Alaskans. 

School Districts



At CEDAR, LLC, we recognize the incredible potential of our youth.   Our Alaskan school districts provide a wide array of services to children, youth, and families in our communities.  Often schools serve as community centers, where families engage together in activities, athletics, and performances.  At CEDAR, LLC, we recognize the important role of schools in Alaskan communities.


The consultants at CEDAR, LLC have worked with and for Alaskan School Districts for decades.  We have served as teachers, administrators, and coaches.  We have worked with and through school boards to accomplish innovative new programs, to implement changes mandated by the State and Federal government, and to engage teams in strategic planning processes.  Additionally, CEDAR, LLC consultants have written and managed successful state and federal grants for district clients in order to enhance the districts’ overall program of instruction.


Professional development and training of school staff is a particular specialty of our consultants.  CEDAR, LLC provides training in educational technology, differentiated instruction, classroom management practices, classroom reading remediation, formative assessment, implementation of common core standards, STEM philosophy, and support for helping teachers successfully build relationships with and instruct Alaska Native students. 


Our consulting team also works directly with students and young adults, implementing high quality programming that makes a measurable difference in the lives of youth.  We have organized summer youth camps, youth presentations, youth employment & training opportunities, and youth athletic events.

Alaska Community Organizations



We at CEDAR, LLC believe in growing our communities through positive and pro-social action.  We are committed to the progress of individuals, families, and organizations in our communities.  Whether growth occurs through athletic training, social service delivery, academic support, resource referral, etc., CEDAR, LLC enables our clients to achieve goals by working with them to fund and implement programs/ projects that serve defined needs in the community. 


Community organizations need help to research and write grant proposals, complete needs assessments, facilitate planning and training events, and support the implementation of projects.  CEDAR, LLC consultants are experienced in each of these processes and are able to support clients through varied interactions.  CEDAR, LLC staff are adept at planning and implementing retreats for organizational strategic planning, training, and staff development. 


Additionally, CEDAR, LLC provides unique marketing opportunities for organizations that need support in this area.  CEDAR, LLC can help support organizations by providing an organizational or event marketing plan that will help your event or organization’s audience grow.  Consultants at CEDAR, LLC can help with social media marketing, paper marketing, and more.  We know how to get “seen” in Alaska.


Then, CEDAR, LLC can empower your organization to move forward into technological processes that help advance your organizational and programmatic goals.  Through comprehensive IT audits, technology initiative planning and rollouts, and IT needs assessment, CEDAR, LLC has the ability to move your organization to the next level.

Current and Former Clients

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