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Camille M. Booth


Ms. Booth has an array of diverse skills that she brings any consulting relationship.  With a warm, friendly approach and analytical nature, she will quickly make you feel comfortable while discussing your organizational challenges and strengths.  Ms. Booth is adept at finding solutions to problems facing organizations through leveraging resources, building new connections, changing perspectives, or building capacity.  Ms. Booth is an excellent partner in organizational change and growth. 


Ms. Booth has owned and operated Creative Resourcing, a consulting company, since 1995.  Projects with Creative Resourcing have included program evaluation, grant writing, curriculum development, professional development and training, grants management, adult educational support structures, website creation, fundraising and marketing.  The diversity of quality projects completed by Creative Resourcing has enabled Ms. Booth to develop a clear understanding of the changing needs of organizations and individuals.  She is uniquely positioned to help you with your organizational needs. 


  • Grant Writing:  Since 1997, Ms. Booth has written multiple successful Alaska State and federal grants.  In the 2016-2017 grant “season” Ms. Booth authored the programs and won the following grants for various clients—SAMHSA Native Connections, Administration for Native Americans Social Economic Development Strategies (ANA-SEDS), Indian Health Service Tribal Management Grant (HIS-TMG), and Alaska Native Education Program (ANEP).  These grants totaled approximately $2,600,000.

  • Professional Development:  Ms. Booth has been offering professional development on multiple topics for over 20 years.  Recent courses include Preventing Sexual Harassment, Writing Federal Grants, Management for Ethics, and Understanding the Basics of HIPAA.  

  • Community Organization:  A variety of skills needed to help communities develop programs and initiatives around specific issues.  These skills include strong communication, up-to-date technological skills, facilitation skills, excellent personal organization, and experience with implementation.  Ms. Booth has successfully implemented multiple projects using community organization processes.

Clients - Past and Present


Curriculum Writing


Website Design

Small Business Management


Federal Grants Management


Technology Integration

Program Evaluation

Strategic Planning

Public Speaking

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