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John Brown


A coach for over 30 years, administrator for 25, leader and educator for over 40, John Brown has provided visionary guidance for Ketchikan organizations through challenging times.  Mr. Brown is a calming presence in a storm of adversity.  He is able to work with groups to achieve concensus when many believe it isn't possible.  Mr. Brown operates with integrity that the client can trust, is interested in the true development of Alaskan organizations, Mr. Brown will work with teams to enhance their organizational capacity. 


John Brown has tremendous experience in developing teams both on the basketball court and in organizations to complete major projects.  His awareness of others and sensibility about team dynamics enable him to cut through the "weeds" of organizational processes and see what needs to be accomplished.  Mr. Brown asks the right questions to get you to a reasonable solution.


Mr. Brown has worked in multiple capacities at the Ketchikan Indian Community where he developed much of his administrative knowledge and expereince.  Mr. Brown can be considered an expert in tribal self governance procedures as well as in program development within tribal organizations. 



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