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Sharing Possibilities at AFN

The annual Alaska Federation of Natives Conference (AFN) is an energizing time where the progress of Alaska Native people is high lighted and new thinking is presented. It's also a time to think about the challenges in our Alaska Native communities and organizations and how, we, as Alaska Natives, can meet those challenges. At CEDAR, LLC we have the ability and the range of talent to engage with various tribal and tribally affiliated organizations to support meeting strategic goals.

CEDAR, LLC Consultant Team:  Sue Pickrell, Camille Booth, & Drena McIntyre

While at AFN, we met many wonderful people. We had the opportunity to discuss their needs and goals. Each time we meet someone new, we learn about the variety issues facing our Alaska Native communities. These issues are diverse and each issue needs a unique approach and creative solution. The consultants at CEDAR, LLC are Alaska Native people who understand the various needs and know how to work with communities and organizations to help find solutions. We don't offer easy solutions, we offer to help build the capacity to create your own solutions.

Some of the compelling conversations that we had during AFN included food security, substance abuse prevention, suicide, and the amazing growth of language preservation efforts. We talked to people about generational trauma, about voting rights for Native people, and about the difficulty of maintaining staff in our tribal organizations.

One of the most encouraging factors of listening to people at AFN was realizing the profound hope that people have in communities regardless of the challenges that face us all. While each challenge is a struggle, there are consistently reasons to be proud of our communities and tribes. The line "We are still here," resonates deeply within us as we recognize the extreme trials that Alaska Native people have endured and yet, still we exist and thrive. Our goal at CEDAR, LLC is to be a part of the continuing efforts of Native people helping other Native people to gain ground on our path to true self-determination.

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